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About Us

OneCoolProduct.com is the inventor and manufacturer for Bottle It “The Coolest Longneck on the Planet!” Bottle It is manufactured right here in the USA.

We are very excited about 2020 with our first ever Bottle It retail product packaging and our all new just launched Sportz Bottle It with NFL & Collegiate Team Helmets as lids!

Bottle It provides many advantages for the consumer. Consumers of ALL ages love Bottle It. Bottle It snaps onto the top ring of most all 8, 12 or 16 ounce beer, soda, energy and juice cans … turning the beverage can into a longneck bottle instantly!

Bottle It is dishwasher safe, eliminates the sloshing of liquid from the open beverage can and reduces spills, drinks smoother, eliminates the aluminum can taste so often associated with drinking out of a can and with its convenient snap on lid … when used, will eliminate bugs, bees, sand, dirt and other foreign objects from entering the can.

Boating - Bottle It will eliminate the sloshing of liquid from the beverage can saving the boat interior and when running at high speeds will eliminate what is known as blow back (i.e. - liquid being sucked out of the can by the wind pressure).

Golfing - Bottle It will not only eliminate the liquid from sloshing out of the can when riding in the golf cart, but will drink easier and with the convenient snap on lid ... eliminate bugs, bees and other objects from entering the drink.

Lake,Beach or Floating the River - Most all beaches, lakes and/or rivers prohibit any type of glass containers to be used in or around them and being caught with glass will get the user a stiff fine! Bottle It will eliminate water, sand and more from entering the beverage can and when floating the river, provides for hands free paddling when needed. Bottle It provides the luxury of a longneck bottle and the convenience of a beverage can!

Concerts, Festivals & other outdoor events - Bottle It is great to use at concerts, festivals and other outdoor events.

Riding in a Vehicle - Bottle It drinks much easier when riding in a vehicle and with children will reduce spills!

Riding a Motorcycle - Bottle It will eliminate the sloshing of liquid from the beverage can and eliminate blow back of liquid from the beverage can when riding 50 mph+ down the road and drinks much easier.

Bottle It is very affordable for all consumers and is virtually indestructible!

Bottle It is great for promotional use and is available to companies, organizations, special events, schools, music entertainers, sports teams and more to be imprinted with logos or various artwork as provided by the customer.

Fundraising groups love Bottle It and the fact that OCP and our Area Partners offer a Guaranteed Sale Program for unprinted product making Bottle It a 100% profitable fundraising event!  Your organization will have the opportunity to sell an exciting product that appeals to all ages and creates multiple sales per household, PLUS the PROFITS are huge! (for more information see our Fundraising page). Contact us to see if we have a Area Partner within your area that can fulfill your fundraising event order. If there is not an Area Partner, OCP will be happy to take care of you.

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