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Customer Testimonials


My name is Robert Russell. I am in Garland, Texas. I have been affiliated with Mr. Falkenburg, since February of 2012. 

Mr. Falkenburg and I were both attending an event that was being held east of Dallas, Texas. After watching him for a day, and seeing how easy his product Bottle It sells, I had to get involved. Without consulting my business partner, I invested in our initial inventory. That day I decided to stop dealing with the people that I had been with for some time, and start with Bottle It. The VERY NEXT show I went to, our profit over expenses were unbelievable. I was in the green. I have done 16 shows since early February, with 3 more shows scheduled between now and mid September, and I know they will all be profitable.

If the Truth be told... when I went to events or trade shows before carrying Bottle It, I was always worried about having a good show, and as much as you may think the public does not know...they can read you, and see that you are pitching hard to make a sale.

With Bottle It...I am always at ease, and never feel like I need to pressure the people I am talking to. I show and tell them what it is, what it does, and what you can also use it for. I now have FUN when I am doing a SHOW.
Since I have been selling Bottle It, I have met a ton of nice people, some WILD people, and I have made a BUNCH of money in the process.  I can not wait till I add the Koozies to my line, because when I do I know my sales will Sky Rocket.

--- From Robert Russell, Garland, Texas.


I've always loved this product Gary!!!!! I remember Stacy and I floating the river and taking these with us and EVERYBODY wanting them or asking us about them! Good luck!!!

--- From Kristi Lee Graham-Irvin 


This product is a must have on my boat. Since buying my boat and the dealership gave me a 6 pack of these Bottle Its, I require all people drinking from a beverage can to use a Bottle It. It literally saves my boat interior from spills.

Bob Gaither/Phoenix AZ


I wanted to send in my testimonial about our success with the Bottle It for our fundraising event at school. We needed to raise money for our band to attend a competition and originally told OneCoolProduct that we wanted 500 to sell for the weekend. They told us that with as many band members as we had, that 500 would not even get us started. We agreed to take 1,500 and wow, by the mid afternoon on Sunday, we had sold out making our band $4,500 in cash. Plus, our band members had alot of fun selling Bottle Its.


Rudy Davidson - Band Director


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