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Fundraising Opportunity

OneCoolProduct.com and it's Area Partners offer one of the best opportunities in the fundraising industry for your organization to make huge sales and earn large profits with NO RISK and FAST!  OneCoolProduct.com provides a Guaranteed Sale/No Risk program.  Contact us today and schedule your next fundraising event to include Bottle It! Bottle It is fun, exciting, very useful and appeals to ALL ages of consumers. Unlike many fundraising products which have been around for years and sold over and over, Bottle It, because of its popular colors and mass appeal, creates multiple sales for the fundraising group!  For School, Church or other Non-profit Organizations: Bottle It is a fantastic, fun and very easy product to sell. Instead of your organization offering candy, magazine subscriptions, discount coupon books and more that everyone has seen or purchased in the past.

Here is a testimonial from a Band Director at a major central Texas high school -

I wanted to send in my testimonial about our success with the Bottle It for our fundraising event at school. We needed to raise money for our band to attend an opportunity in California to march in the Rose Bowl Parade and originally told OneCoolProduct that we wanted 500 to sell for the weekend. They told us that with as many band members as we had, that 500 would not even get us started. We agreed to take 1,500 and wow, by the mid afternoon on Sunday, we had sold out making our band $4,500 in cash. Plus, our band members had a lot of fun selling Bottle It. Having the popular color choices many band members sold as many as 3 to 5 Bottle Its per household. I highly recommend this product for fundraising and with the guaranteed sale plan, you cannot lose. We did not pay any money up front for the product, only covered the shipping.

 Rudy Davidson - Band Director



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