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How To Apply Bottle It


How to Apply Bottle It to Your Favorite 8, 12 or 16 Ounce Beverage Can!

Simply open the pull ring on the beverage can, then set the beverage can down on a flat surface. Applying even pressure, simply snap Bottle It down onto the top ring of the beverage can. Once Bottle It is snapped on, simply lift off the Bottle It lid and enjoy. Note: Do not force Bottle It for the beverage can may collapse due to the thin walls of the aluminum beverage can! Also, remove the beverage can from any koozie product before attempting to apply Bottle It to the can. Note that occasionally there will be a beverage can which is made at a different factory and Bottle It will be difficult to snap onto the can. If this occurs, simply run the Bottle It bottom edge under HOT water for about 25 seconds and then IMMEDIATELY snap Bottle It on ... should snap onto the beverage can top ring with ease. As the Bottle It cools down, it will form fit to your favorite baverage can from then on.

Warning – leaving Bottle It out in the direct hot sun may cause problems with Bottle It snapping onto the can because of the plastic becoming soft. Simply remove Bottle It from the direct sun and once Bottle It cools down, it WILL become more rigid and snap onto a can again.

Bottle It is safe to drink from! The Food and Drug Administration determined that while some plastics may have health implications due to liquid being CONTAINED "IN" THE PLASTIC, that there are NO health risks with Bottle It because the liquid is only flowing through the neck, this was determined by the FDA!


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